What happens if I want to cancel or modify my reservation?

a) Modification: You can make changes to your reservation without incurring additional fees, provided you inform the CityGo team 48 hours before the scheduled rental time. You acknowledge that new rental prices may apply.

b) Cancellation:

You can cancel your reservation for free as long as you have informed the CityGo team up to 72 hours before the start of the scheduled rental day. A voucher (credit) may be granted. In case of cancellation within 72 hours before the scheduled pickup day, a penalty will be imposed according to the date of the request below. A voucher (credit) may be granted if it is the low season.

1- 50 DT + 25% of the total rental amount before 48 Hours. 2- 50 DT + 50% of the total rental amount before 24 Hours. 3- The total amount for any cancellation on the day of the rental.

c) No Show:

If you have not canceled your reservation and fail to pick up the vehicle at the scheduled date and time, a penalty of the total rental amount will be applied. A voucher (credit) may be granted if it is the low season.

d) Late Arrival: Our agency commits to providing the chosen Vehicle category up to one hour after its scheduled time mentioned on the rental confirmation. If you exceed this time, we may apply an additional charge.

e) Force Majeure: In the context of this section, you will not be held responsible in case of reservation cancellation or failure to pick up the Vehicle due to the occurrence of a force majeure event.

An event is considered force majeure if it is an unforeseen incident beyond control. It is understood that this event could not be avoided even when taking specific measures to be exempted from rental charges. However, it is your responsibility to prove that the event constitutes a case of force majeure. A voucher (credit) may be granted.

It is noted that the conditions listed below require the payment of additional fees:

  • Delay in relation to the time specified during the reservation request.
  • Cancellation or postponement of your trip.